AI-powered NPCs


Unfamiliar Territory changes the game with its AI-powered NPCs providing a more realistic, personalized experience with endless possibilities for story development and replayability.

Unfamiliar Territory Seer - dead forest path with robed evil crow
Humanitarian Focus

Game Ideology

Unfamiliar Territory is making a real-world impact by partnering with life-changing humanitarian organizations like Hydrating Humanity.

For every in-game well that is purchased, a real-world well will be built – bringing clean drinking water to thousands of families in need.

It’s Personal


Our NPCs are intelligent beings that adapt and evolve based on player behavior and choices. This creates a personalized gaming experience, where players can form friendships, rivalries, and influence the world with their actions and decisions.

Scholar Bard - a humanoid owl holding a guitar in a glass window-lined hallway
Unfamiliar Territory Timberpunk - A lone wolf stands menacingly guarding the snowy, tree-lined path
Best in Class



Our team has a proven track record in the gaming industry, and we’ve already secured partnerships with key players in the space. 

With a solid roadmap in place, we are making significant progress on the development of Unfamiliar Territory with a beta version launch planned for Q4 2023.