Points of Gameplay

Built on Immutable X

With the Unfamiliar Territory built on Immutable X, players have the opportunity to have true ownership of their game assets (characters, resources, equipment, etc) as well as enjoy zero gas fees on a carbon neutral platform.

A Perfect Blend of PvE and PvP

You and your friends will face side quests emerging within normal game play (PvE) as well as prepare for the war brewing between Nua and Carnage (PvP).

Building Wells Changes Lives

Everytime a player purchases a Well NFT, a well will be built in-game as well as in real life. In partnership with Hydrating Humanity, our goal is to provide clean drinking water to 1 Million people.

Resource Plots

Mine resources on your land and earn a % from what you gather. Opportunities to lease our land and make passive income.

City Plots

Sell resources on your plot and earn a % of net revenue. Select from stone, wood, or food city plots.

Transportation Plots

Transporting resources across the island is vital. Earn a % from transportation costs. Select from stables, wharfs, or airship docks.


Unfamiliar Territory launched the first narrated backstory NFT in history. Several chapters tell the story of Toby from Nua, and Grimm from Carnage as war develops between the two islands. Emerse yourself in Unfamiliar Territory and read the chapters below.

Founders Cards

Founders Cards whitelist you for 50% off land prices during the presale of future cities.

Experience a narrated glimpse, in storyteller fashion, into the characters and landscape of Unfamiliar Territory. Follow Toby and his friends on their adventure to Ishka Island on a giant airship to meet the Makers.

*Each Founder Card allows 50% off land prices up to 100 plots of land.