For nearly 700 million people on the planet, access to safe clean drinking water is not available. One of the biggest crises in the world is the waterborne disease crisis. There are about 2000 children a day, under the age of 5, that die due to waterborne diseases. Hydrating Humanity provides clean drinking water by developing wells for villages that have never had access to clean water. 

Unfamiliar Territory is a building game that uses NFTs to build a virtual world. The game’s theme is centered around the need for water, and one of the main goals is to build wells. For every Well NFT sold, an in-game Well and a real-world well will be built.

This is possible because of Play-to-Earn (P2E), a promising new model within the gaming industry allowing any gamer to make money through playing video games. Largely due to the rise of NFTs, gamers now have control over their games and the collectibles they earn by playing them. Axie Infinity, another P2E game, has made it possible for economies, like in the Philippines, to earn a living wage playing for only a few hours per day. Capitalizing on the P2E model, we intend on bringing clean water to those in need through the sale of NFT wells.